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Contact and Submissions

Currently, DSP is NOT accepting unsolicited submissions, synopses, or outlines in any form, however, query letters and all other communications, including requests for review copies can be sent to editor (at) @delsolpress.org. Query letters for prose should be one page only and include a one page synopsis (one inch margins, 12 point, Times New Roman). Include a bio, publishing history for this project (if any), and other previous publications.

Poetry queries should also be sent to editor (at) delsolpress.org.

We don't require poetry manuscripts to include a lengthy list of publications, but poets we are interested in have published in a variety of literary journals.

Our advice is to examine the type of work we publish. Our poets and authors are unique and accomplished. We will not consider work that is not original and well written.

Expect four to six weeks for a reply.

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